Thursday, September 16, 2010

When It Comes To Advice, Stay In Your Lane

As The Social Grace, I am called upon frequently to give advice.

What do I serve at a casual dinner that will meet the needs of vegetarians and carnivores? Ravioli.
What do I say to my mother-in-law when she reminds me that my silver needs polishing?
"Thanks for the reminder, sometimes I do forget." Smile sweetly and make a mental note to give her wrinkle cream for her birthday.
What do I wear to a party with absolutely no guidance on dress code?
Black--either flowing pants and a funky top or your fave midway-between- formal-and-casual LBD.

But do you see me offering advice on tax issues? cardiac surgery? automobile repair? Of course not, because Graces know to stay in our lanes, unlike the Italian Prime Minister. I had to laugh when I read the news: Lately plagued by scandals involving prostitutes and prodigious philandering.......Silvio Berlusconi gives dating advice?

Come on, that's like Sarah Palin teaching English.

Or Bill Clinton giving monogamy lessons....

Any other great examples of lane strayers? The Philadelphia Eagles teaching First Aid for head injuries? Lindsey Lohan on, well, anything? Tell me, Graces, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

wrinkle cream....really????:)

Social Grace said...

Ok, maybe wrinkle cream is a bit meanie. Less Gracious than we should strive to be, but even Graces can be pushed too far. If your m-i-l gives you a steady stream of 'helpful advice' or 'edifying gifts' (irons, basic cookbooks, dust cloths and the like) then retaliation is tempting. But you are right, the high road is a better place to tread. Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

I've also been told my silver needs polishing!