Monday, September 20, 2010

Grace Gaffe

Lest you think I am only here to report on the bad behavior of others, I am here today to out myself on a lulu of a booboo I committed over the weekend.

As most of you doubtless know, Saturday was Yom Kippur. I say 'doubtless' because even if you are not Jewish, Graces make it our business to be mindful of others' cultures and celebrations, particularly so we can wish them well and respect their traditions. I am married to a NJB (Nice Jewish Boy) so I was well aware of the holiday.

That's the background. Now here's the gaffe.....I texted a friend of mine at about noon on Saturday for the details on her daughter's Sunday afternoon birthday party. Oddly, I did not hear back from her, so about an hour later, I called her. She picked picked up immediately and said: "We're at synagogue. Will call you back after services." Well, Graces, I was mortified. Naturally, I ceased further correspondence. Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement, and though I am not Jewish, I sure felt the need to atone for that major faux pas.

I spoke to her later and issued abject apologies, but she was unbugged--she confessed to watching the Phillies game on her MLB Iphone App when my text and call came through. Of course, she was very nice to share that with me, and it did diminish my embarrassment, but was pretty bad.

I thought Adam Lambert's reprimand to an audience member on a cell phone was pretty hilarious....

Any of you have any confessions you want to share?

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