Friday, September 17, 2010

Fitness Friday?

Fall is always a time when I am forced to pay my dues for the three slovenly months of summer. Sadly, happy hours, excessive consumption of ice cream and long stretches of sitting on the beach take their toll on the ol' physique. Running seemed like an efficient way to pare down, so this morning I gave it a shot.

I envisioned myself in this way as I began my run:

After about 11 steps I was dying. My knees hurt. My hips hurt. My lungs were at capacity. And this from a woman whose 5-day-a-week-gym visits include a zumba class, a yoga class, 30 minute stints on various cardio machines, and free weight training. Doesn't this seem incredibly unfair? Rude, even?
Forget Wonder Woman. Within minutes I was feeling more like....
As I had chosen a picturesque riverside path for my maiden voyage, there were quite a few folks there with the same idea. They were all very, very friendly. Each one who passed by (and rest assured, most everyone passed me) said hello. This seemed to me a strong indication that the Etiquette Code was alive and well on that particular trail. They were also considerate in terms of sharing the road. The rule seems to be that the most mobile person yields. I am embarrassed to report that I received the right of way from: a mom pushing a double stroller; a dog walker managing four leashes; an elderly man on a motorized assistive device; and a trio of power walking grannies.

As the grannies passed me, they issued the customary 'good morning'. Ever striving to be a Grace, I attempted to return their friendly greeting. I grunted out a "Guuhhh...." and kept going. They looked a bit worried, and appeared to consider calling for help. I envisioned a cute EMT coming to my aid and considered collapsing right there...

Quickly stopped hallucinating, realized that my luck was more likely to deliver

and I soldiered on.

As a result of my hellish 30 minutes I learned three things:

1. People with curves are not built for running.
2. Fellow exercisers are friendly and polite.
3. I strongly prefer zumba.

Seeking ideas for alternatives to running that will ensure closure on my Citizens Jeans as the temp drops. Please send me suggestions!


Jane said...

Stick to zumba. It's a lot more fun. I have a 93 year old woman in my class. She swears "ZUMBA" keeps her young!!!!


Anonymous said...

I would not give up on the running! You just have to build up to time and/or milage. For example, run 4min. walk 2min. for 30 min.

Good luck!

Social Grace said...

Thanks for the suggestions! What is the saying about every journey beginning with a single step?

kristen said...

Jump rope. Cheap, can be done in a fairly small space, and it's easy to do for a minute or two at a time while you work in weights, crunches, and the like. Increase time as you increase endurance.