Tuesday, July 05, 2011

What to Pack for a Weekend at the Beach

Although I am a die hard city girl, nothing makes me happier than a day at the beach spent with a good book, a salty breeze, a big hat and lots of sunblock. Last week's post generated some specific questions on weekend packing, so in response....

Here is what I bring for weekends at the beach:

2 swimsuits
1 coverup
2 skirts (shorts or skorts can be substituted; I prefer skirts, even for casual gatherings, but that's just me.)
2 tops that mix and match with your chosen bottoms
1 sundress
appropriate undergarments
1 set of sleepwear
1 cardigan or wrap
2 pairs of sandals--one for the beach, one for evenings
Sunglasses(my new zebra print cat eyes adorned with rhinestones are my fave new summer aquisition--a birthday gift from my Grant of a hubby.)

1 exercise ensemble
book--I loved Melissa Jensen's latest release--perfect for girls from 14-104)

And, of course, don't forget your hostess gift.

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