Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Om My God, Will You Please Shut Up?

Yesterday's post about a Grunt at the gym opened the floodgates. I guess it's all those people who promised themselves on New Year's Eve that this would be the year they achieved total fitness. Here's one for you Yogic Graces.....

Dear Grace,

I attend a weekly Yoga class and recently there have been some new students who blab through the entire practice. It ruins the whole thing for me; I am there for both the physical and mental benefit and I leave feeling stressed out and angry as opposed to centered. What to do?

Grace Says:

Ah, the Yoga Resolution. Can't you just hear them at the New Year's Eve party, as they swill their apple martinis or Champ-ale: "Buffy, Trixie, Let's make like a NY Res and do like Yoga together! I am so not going alone, but I so think we should do it as a group. Jennifer Aniston does it and i wannabe her!"

But I digress. On to your question...

Tattle. It's that simple. You don't want to become the scolding Yogic schoolmarm, mid-Chataranga, shushing people as you flow. Discreetly let the instructor know that this is a problem--I find it curious that he/she hasn't noticed by now. The teacher should make an announcement about the need for peace and silence throughout the practice to afford maximum benefit to all. It might be worth a word to the facility's management as well; they could post a sign, conspicuously located, reminding participants to respect the Yoga space and maintain a quiet, contemplative atmosphere.

I found the following clip of a frustration scenario in Yoga class rather amusing. Make sure you address the problem of the Yoga yakkers before you get to this point. Thanks for writing and Namaste.

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