Monday, October 25, 2010

With Relatives Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

Two True Stories:

Had lots of relatives visiting this weekend, which included my fashionista sister. They had come, very generously, to support fundraising events at both of my kids' schools. The first was a 5K run at my son's school, after which we headed out to lunch, then to the fall festival at my daughter's school. Sis was in distress; she was forced to go directly from the run to the restaurant without a wardrobe change so her outfit was more fitness than fashion (though her in fitness gear is more fashionable than most people in Sunday Best). She asked me for a coat or something to cover up the ensemble. I scrounged through my closet, frantically searching for something suitably stylish. I found it: my ultra suede lavender knee-length trench--definitely a statement, a compliment magnet when I sport it, and probably the most expensive thing in my closet. I proudly handed it over and she recoiled, asking, "You wear that? Out?"

Later that day, pre-teen daughter came downstairs carrying an item of clothing. Apparently, a pair of my undies had erroneously been filed in her pile. She held them up and said, "Seriously, Mom, does my butt look this big?"

What's a Grace to do?

Laugh it off. And, of course, turn it into good material, be it for your blog, your stand-up routine, your cocktail party repartee, or a life lesson on 'what not to say'.

As far as the fashion remark, Sis can diss my wardrobe any day if she continues to hand-me-down her castoffs; last year's Prada (or Old Navy) selected by her keen eye is readily accepted here. As far as my preteen's snark, I'll fasten the old seatbelt. Those in the know tell me that this gets worse before it gets better. I may consider investing in body armor--I'll ask Sis--I think metallics are still in.

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