Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Karma is a Bitch

So after yesterday's snarky post featuring my sister's harsh critique of my favorite raincoat I have the following rather eerie experience to report:

I began my day with a Yoga class, after which I raced home and buzzed upstairs for a shower, on the run to interview a chef for Philly Food Lovers. The day was fine, so I chose a stylish denim skirt, a pink, cotton, 3/4 sleeve tee, and my favorite red Prada Mary Janes. Both the skirt and the MJs were castoffs from my fashionista Sis (see yesterday's post). As I hurried to cram my still damp feet into the shoes, I snagged the strap and snapped it in half. Cursing loudly, I selected alternative (and far less fashionable) footwear and proceeded with my day. I met the chef, did the interview, went out to lunch, then completed a variety of errands, including Staples, Home Depot, the supermarket and school pickup. It was only after I returned home from all these locales that I discovered that the fly on my hand-me-down denim skirt was unzipped.

Does that seem wierd to you?

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