Saturday, March 03, 2012

Grace the Delinquent Blogger

Ok, Graces. It's been a month. First off, let me give a big fat apology for seemingly abandoning you. Secondly, let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. February was rahhther busy.

My daughter turned 13, so celebrations began the minute January ended. Thankfully, February, even in leap year, is the shortest month. I also have been busy working as a ghost blogger and writer for a few special clients (wild horses couldn't drag their names out of me--or at least not unless they came bearing very special shoes in my size as an enticement). Until such time as that offer is made, however, my clients' names will remain confidential. Finally, and most fun, I spent the month of February putting the final touches on a bang-up Gala benefiting my beloved Reading Terminal Market.

The party was a smash; guests were dressed to the nines, they danced their feet off, and fortified themselves with the best food on the planet. Most of the merchants in the market were "open"--meaning that whatever your heart desired was on offer for you: oysters and jamabalaya from Beck's Cajun Cafe; to die for sweets from Flying Monkey Patisserie and Pennsylvania General Store ; sushi; cheesesteaks; Basset's ice cream, honestly, I can't begin to catalog the selections. The ambient entertainment was spectacular--face painters (yes, that's The Grace being adorned),a Shutterbooth, which is a great way to both jazz up a party and save on photographers, a temporary tattoo artist, (yes, the heart near my heart did come off, though not as easily as the artist claimed; i used make-up remover, soap, and sugar body scrub to little avail; it disappeared after about 3 days of its own accord.)a fortune teller and body stockinged seemingly naked people who appeared out of nowhere to general shock and awe--pictured here, in case you missed it.

Upcoming posts will include further ruminations on benefits, a series from a guest blogger on the do's and don'ts of condolence (trust me, it's necessary, and I promise, not as grim as it sounds), and a reprisal of "You Don't Say", a topic that, sadly, never is completely covered.

So, that's what I've been up to. What have YOU been up to, Graces?


Ruby's said...

It is good to see you back. And congratulations for your daughter's 13th birthday. The party sounds fun.

Social Grace said...

Ruby's--thanks for your comment--just to clarify, the Gala described in the post was NOT my daughter's 13th bday, but rather a black tie fundraising benefit for a local non profit on whose Board I sit. The 13th bday celebration was extended (family, school, friends, cousins, Grandma, shopping) but not a Gala!
Always good to hear from you, thanks for being a loyal reader!