Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Unmannerly Mobile

Reuters reports that a study conducted by Intel concluded that inappropriate use of mobile technology is getting worse. I find it astonishing that anyone would need to conduct a study to conclude this rather obvious fact, given the epic proportions of techno-rudeness that pervade our ever more plugged in world. But the question for us, as always, is:

What's a Grace to do?

-Move. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is change your seat or treadmill.

-Tattle. I know, I know, we're taught not to. But there are times when you just don't want a confrontation, or anticipate a dramatic, unpleasant response. Go quietly to the traffic cop, gym manager, maitre d', or whoever is nominally in charge and ask them to intervene.

-A polite, "Excuse me. I hate to interrupt you, but I was wondering if you could speak a little more quietly/somewhere else. I know your conversation is important, but I'm having a hard time hearing/concentrating." Usually that does the trick. A tad disingenuous, yes, but disiningenuity has won wars.

Nothing is foolproof, but these can be effective and are certainly worth a try.

Adam Lambert, formerly of American Idol had an effective way to combat this scourge, too. Next time I am performing a pop concert to a packed house, I just may give it a try.

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