Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gracious Retrieval, or Gimme Back My Stuff!

Dear Grace:

I lent a pair of peau de soie sandals to a friend in need several months ago and she has yet to return them. She has mentioned in passing once or twice that she should drop them off, but when I try to pin her down, she suddenly becomes very busy and scattered. How do I get them back without creating an unpleasant exchange? Spring is coming and I need these shoes for 2 weddings!

Dear Reader,

No beating around the bush on this one. Call this moocher and say, "Suzanne, I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks and I plan to wear the sandals I lent you. I want to try them with the dress and organize the outfit this weekend, so I need them back. Will you be home Saturday morning so I can come by and get them?" Or, "Frida, I know you mentioned dropping my sandals off awhile ago, but with winter in full swing, who is thinking of sandals? I'm sure you forgot, as did I, but I'd like to get them back for an upcoming event. I'll be home Tuesday and Wednesday after work; will you be able to come by with them?" If these fail, identify a time when you are certain she will be home and drop in: Knock-knock. "Hi Kathy, I was in the neighborhood getting a pedicure which reminded me of sandals, and that reminded me of the ones you borrowed so I figured I may as well save you the trouble of bringing them back to me.....Hand 'em over, you shoe-napper" (last phrase optional),

After this, don't lend her any more of your merchandise.

Good luck with the search and rescue!

Speaking of shoes....


Postpanamamaxi said...

Great job! I really enjoy following your blog. I love your sense of humor, your good taste and the helpful advice you give!
And I am relieved to wear women's shoe size 11, so there is no one to borrow my sandals (except my husband, but I am glad he does not like to wear heels)!

Greetings from good old Germany

Social Grace said...

thanks, liz! glad you like the blog and thrilled to be read in Germany. Danke.