Thursday, March 10, 2011

Declining Graciously, or Not

So here's something that really chipped my polish this week. Tuesday was Mardi Gras, so naturally I made a Cajun feast featuring Jambalaya. I doubled the recipe, which made enough to feed a significant percentage the population of New Orleans. Needless to say, I was keen to share. I sent some to my neighbor, to my children's teachers, and my Grantly hub took some to work. He offered one of the secretaries a generous tub and she said, "I just started a diet and I'm not eating carbs." Then she gave it to another staffer. Grantly hub was justifiably offended, and as is his want, he wondered....

What's a Grant To Do?

In response to his urgent email I replied:


But the person who really ought to be asking the question is carb-free secretary. Now, I'm not saying she ought to have ingested the stuff, delicious though it was if it conflicted with her (doubtless already broken) diet. Rather, I am saying that, like everything, there is a way Graces handle such scenarios, but this gal headed straight to Grunt City.

She could have done any of the following and remained in Graceland:

  • Say thank you, no elaboration needed.
  • Lie, "It was delicious, thanks so much. Good thing my no-carb diet starts tomorrow." Note adroitness of final comment; it prevents future carb-rich offerings.
  • Say, "Wow, thanks! I'll be taking this home to share with my husband/mailman/fortune teller/pug's masseuse. How nice of you to think of me." Whether she eats it, gives it away, or chucks it in the bin, we are none the wiser and it conveys appreciation for the generous gesture.
  • Tell a version of the truth. "It was incredibly nice of you to bring me this delicious food. I have just started a diet which forbids carbohydrates but I had to taste this. I picked out the meats, had a few tastes of the yummy rice and shared the rest with my skinny friend." Graces avoid discussing diets outside of the physician's or nutritionist's office, but some people can't help themselves.
Speaking of Graceland....

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Erika Peterson said...

Ooh, jambalaya sounds delish!