Monday, November 01, 2010

Make and Take

I have riffed before on hostess gifts. There are countless store bought items that are perfect choices for Gracious Guests, but today I offer you a homemade how-to on chili vinegar. This is a unique, inexpensive, and impressive gourmet item that will delight any cook with an adventurous palate.

Why, you may well ask, is The Grace making chili vinegar on camera? I was recently asked to create a food blog for a local non-profit, so Philly Food Lovers was born. We are experimenting with video demonstrations, and you, my dear Graces, are a captive audience. have a look...

A handcrafted comestible is a welcome offering, and really adds a personal touch. If you make a mean pesto, honey mustard dressing, or peanut butter cookie, by all means make and take. Pack nicely in an attractive jar, container or cello bag and tie it up with a pretty ribbon. Be sure to inform the hosts on refrigeration requirements, shelf life, and serving/usage instructions. Contamination is not an ingredient in a Gracious hostess gift. Nor is anything containing gelatin, Lipton soup powder, canned fruit or mini marshmallows.

But you Graces already knew that, didn't you?

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