Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Grace Gives Credit Where Credit Is Due

Just because someone has behaved like a Grunt doesn't mean that he cannot display Grace. I would have bet my Tiffany soup spoons that I would never be commending Michael Vick's good manners. But after yesterday's Eagle victory over the Colts, well, let's just say that I'm glad that I never wagered the Provence Pattern Silverware, or we'd be slurping our pumpkin bisque with straws come Thanksgiving. I have remarked on Vick's Gruntly 'Tude before. But I am here today to report that Vick's willingness to share credit with his teammates, his (relative) humility, good sportsmaship, and his courteous respect and regard for his opponents was an impressive and marked improvement. Watch:

This doesn't mean I'd engage him as a pet sitter, but this is a 180 turn for the better from his self-tooting bloviation after Game 1--which, you may recall, was when teammate and starting QB Kevin Kolb suffered a concussion. Vick entered the game under these circ's, performed very well, but ruined it in The Grace's book by remarking that had he played all four quarters the Eagles would have won. (I readily admit that most NFL fans do not share my scorn on this particular conduct, but here's hoping.)

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