Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You Don't Say!

Do I really look this old, Graces?

Has anyone else been subject recently to comments that simply should not be uttered? I have.

First, and this one really smarts--A neighbor helped me out of a scheduling jam yesterday morning and took my son to school for me. She is a very youthful 30 year old, had her two-year old in tow, and is visibly pregnant. A newish teacher at the school asked me later that day if that was my daughter. Which, for those of you who are still doing the math, means that (1) this teacher thinks I am old enough to have a 30 year old daughter and (2) that I am a grandmother.

Second: I was in Zumba last week and a woman in front of me doubled over in apparent pain. It appeared that she had pulled something in her mid-section the way she was cradling her abdomen. Still smarting from my recently healed fractured foot, I have a lot of empathy for the injured . I took a step toward her and asked if she was ok. She responded, "Yes, I just have gas." Well, I was speechless. And behind her.

What's a Grace to do?

Absolutely nothing. (Though I confess to taking a few steps backward and staying there for the duration of the class.)

This would be one of the many examples of things better left unsaid. You could certainly make the case that I did ask--but Grace would have lied. Or been truthfully tactful: "I"m ok, just a slight cramp."

Have you been the recipient of comments like these? How did you handle them?

In searching for an appropriate video clip for today's post, I came across this one--while not totally on point, it gave me a chuckle....and having been mistaken for a Granny yesterday, I can use all the laughs I can get. Enjoy.


Muse said...

Hi SG..
Here is something that happened to me..
Last month i went to the lab for a routine blood work.The Tech there asked for my date of birth.She misheard the 1980 as 1950.As if it wasn't bad enough, she had to add this comment too..
"I was going to say, you look well preserved for a 1950 person"
Well preserved?? Good Lord..But like a good grace i smiled and walked out..

Anonymous said...

stumbled on your blog, that scene at zumba is just hilarious!

-JT- said...

My boss's nephew (age 25) once asked my co-worker (b. 1942) and me (b. 1954) if we fought in WWII.