Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Kardashian Divorce, No Etiquette Required

Much as I am horrified by this shameless escapade, I have to weigh in. There seems to be significant confusion with regard to the gift aspect of things, so here are some observations....

One school of thought dictates that a gift is a gift. Regardless of what the recipient does with it, or what the result of the bestowing occasion may be, you've handed over the item and neither it nor its fate are in your hands.

There is another school of thought, however, that says if a wedding is a ridiculous sham whose sole aim is a 72-day long charade designed to generate publicity, revenue, and loot, then said loot should be returned to the apparently duped guests.

Because a wedding celebrates the union of two people as they start a life together, and the gifts are intended to help the couple equip their home. Clearly Kim and Kris's wedding does not fit this description. (Would he have still been selected if his name had been Chris, I wonder.)

And no, I am not putting up any pictures of them.

Channel 3 asked my opinion; here's what I said.

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Ancatower said...

Hola. Asi pasa con las bodas en general. Para generar dinero, para estafar, para conseguir algo.... en dia de hoy esta pasa... Yo soy divorciada y no quiero casarme otra vez. Mira, cuando me animo voy ha empesar escribir un libro, el libro de mi vida, y vas ha ver, que las bodas son unas farsas... Ni no se porque te escrivo este mensaje, pero me parece que tenemos los mismos conceptos sobre esta tema. Un saludo, Anca