Friday, October 14, 2011

Get Well Gifts

In the last week, it seems like every time I turn around someone's kid has been injured. Friend's son sustained concussion playing football. Niece needed 34 stitches as a result of a go cart accident (no point in debating the wisdom of placing a 9 year old in the driver's seat of a used and questionably operational vehicle and pointing her downhill; what's done is done). Another friend's son severed a tendon and required hand surgery. In cases such as these, the Graces among us do our best to provide aid, comfort and amusement.

Here are some Gracely Tips....

1. Send the kid a gift--preferably something that will amuse him in his convalescence; books, puzzles, arts and crafts, solitaire games, a DVD (though not for the concussed; they are supposed to avoid too much brain stimulation--consider a hat for the injured head, a fun pillow on which to lay it, a very calming audiobook or cd). Clearly they will need to occupy their time in ways that do not involve their normal activity. Things that do so are invaluable to them, their spirits, and their parents (who are doubtless riddled with worry, wracked with guilt, and stressed with the effort of taking care of the injured party) .

2. Deliver food--this can be a full dinner for the family, a lunch for the mom and/or the invalid, a small packet of treats for the child.

3. Provide respite--offer to drive carpool for the mom, take siblings for a playdate, cover 'snack day' at preschool, or sit with the ailing kid for an hour or 2 so mom can run some errands.

And for heaven's sake, let's be careful out there. Accidents happen, (believe me, I know) and kids are resilient, but let's prevent them from becoming.....

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