Tuesday, June 07, 2011

That Was NOT a Compliment

So there I was at Zumba the other day. You know how much I love Zumba, and you know that the class is rife with non-Graces, for I have detailed their antics before. This particular instance involved an acquaintance and fellow Zumba devotee who gave me what she clearly intended as a compliment but really came off--unintentionally, I am sure--as a barb.

To give you a bit of background: my customary gym attire slants more toward the yoga pants and not-very-fitted tee. I am not one of those bare-all types intent on displaying their parts to all and sundry. But last week, I happened to don more form fitting attire for class. It was hot, and I chose lycra capris and a ribbed tank. After class, the aforementioned neighbor approached me and said, "Grace, you have lost so much weight, I didn't recognize you!" Trouble is, I haven't lost weight--at least not much. Ok, I have been hitting the gym a bit harder of late in prep for beach season, but at most I've toned, lifted, and possibly slimmed down a bit. But not to have rendered me unrecognizable!

Another recent and similar experience:

I worked for months on a benefit to raise money for a local non-profit. At the gala, the organization's director approached me. He said: "Grace, you look so nice, I almost didn't recognize you." It's no wonder that his agency needed some help staying afloat.

What's a Grace to do?

I smiled, nodded, accepted the uber-gaffes as the compliments they were hopefully intended as and chalked the experiences up to good material.

Have you received any complimentary insults lately?


Anonymous said...

Many years ago I was told by my supervisor, "Ethel, you are the flotsam to which I cling."

Postpanamamaxi said...

I once had a date with a man who told me "You are not only good-looking, but also intelligent!"

But he mentioned it as if these two characteristics would be mutually exclusive.

That was not a compliment.

Anonymous said...

I had a well-meaning and completely serious older friend approach me one day, saying that I looked so pretty and glowing that I "must have met someone" and wanted to know who the lucky fellow was.

...all that had happened was that I had gotten a good night's sleep and was in a particularly good mood. Until that comment, anyway.