Saturday, May 14, 2011


Thank you, Anonymous, for bringing to my attention my posting glitch. (see comment below). This is where my technological limitations rear their ugly heads. Mainly, I am a writer with an interest in etiquette. As a necessary adjunct, I have had to learn to operate in the blogosphere, but I am barely competent with the tech stuff.

Like the way I approach driving a car, operating a food processor, or growing basil, I am on a "need to know" basis with my computer. I don't need to be able to find the auto's carburetor, disassemble the Cuisinart's blade rotor, or diagram the plant's cell wall--I simply call for help when things are beyond my rudimentary skill. Same goes with the Mac. But occasionally, I get myself into a jam--and don't even realize it. Like last week.

I had drafted a post about another case of workplace rudeness shared with me by a fellow Grace. I mistakenly used a title that I had used in the past for a post on a related topic. In the process of saving/posting, I obviously did something that dumped the newly composed article and reposted the old one with the same title.

Oops. Sorry, Graces. Not very Gracious of me to repeat content, even if it's accidental.

Good thing my readers are Graces!

Thanks again, Anonymous, for letting me know. Like spinach in the teeth, lipstick off the lips, open zippers, or any similar embarrassing scenario, Graces tell.

While drafting the post that was supposed to appear here yesterday, which is now somewhere in the ether of cyberspace, I came across this BBC spoof of cavemen conducting job interviews. I am leaving it up for your amusement.

Lest anyone think I am being anthropologically insensitive, well, this is a joke. I have the utmost respect for our Neanderthal ancestors.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same post as the one on 7th January 2011?

Anonymous said...

Hi, me again, the one that pointed out that the post had appeared before. I have just noticed how short that comment was, and entirely lacking in the grace to have thanked you for a post that was no less useful for having been repeated. Not very gracious to be showing off my spectacularly long memory! lol. Anyway, hope it didnt force you into having to be gracious in dealing with a near-Grunt. I actually love this blog and look forward to your contributions. hence the amazing recall of past posts!

Social Grace said...

Thanks for the addendum, Anonymous--like i said in the explanatory post above, good thing my readers are Graces--I was referring to you for pointing out my error! Glad you like the blog, comments are always welcome and appreciated.