Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ten Things A Grace Should Do When Spring Springs

It's finally here, Graces. Rejoice, Rejuvenate, Relish. As one who wilts a bit in winter, I am out doing Pastoral Dances right about now. Here are my must-dos for this lovely time of year:

1. Get out. Whether you bask in a sliver of sun that splices skyscrapers or wander wooded wonderlands, just get out. Enjoy the longer days, the sprouting green, (yes, even in a city, there are buds on the trees, daffodils blooming in window boxes, and chirping birds returning to their warm weather habitats.)

2. Lighten up. Visit your hairdresser for some highlights, or the makeup counter for some brighter tones. I love Bobbi Brown's creamy lip color--it's sheer, glossy, and moisturizing all at once.

3. Introduce some color. Not, not the tanning bed variety--you know how I feel about abusing your skin thus. Bring some new shades into your closet. I know, I know, black is easy, slimming, flattering, versatile, and the overwhelmingly dominant shade in my wardrobe--guilty as charged--but trust me, a bit of pink will do wonders for your look.

4. Equip yourself with stylish rain gear--you know the old saying about April Showers. Target has great, affordable trench coats, funky umbrellas and an amazing selection of attractive rubber boots--from pink polka dots (you know how I feel about pink!) to shiny black. They will keep you dry and fashionable in one fell swoop.

5. Do some spring cleaning, whatever that means to you: a wardrobe purge; a house scrub; a ritual emptying of drawers and shelves or a cleansing facial/body buff/pedicure.

6. Host a cookout on the first warm weekend. Keep it simple with burgers and dogs, or go crazy with sockeye salmon and grilled mango chutney.

7. Dine al fresco--whether it's a muffin and latte at your fave sidewalk cafe or a full course dinner at a bistro with a patio; when the weather cooperates, there's nothing like it!

8. Spruce up your scents. Having slathered up with Bath and Body's White Citrus, I am basking in its lovely spring-like aroma. Other delightfully soft suggestions for the season: Estee Lauder's Pleasures and Bvlgari's The Blanc (White Tea).

9. Make your summer plans. If a vacation is in the cards, now is the time to arrange it. Be as adventurous or mundane as you desire, but get moving on it!

10. Turn over a new leaf. In the spirit of the rebirth that nature is demonstrating all around you, make a "spring resolution". Try Yoga. Plan to take frequent evening walks. Learn Japanese. Make a standing date with a person you really like but never manage to see. Limit your junk food intake.

And while some may find this "Springtime" clip from The Producers performed by the Glee-Guy un-Gracious, I think it's downright hilarious. Mel Brooks is a comic genius, and Matthew Morrison is rather cute. Enjoy.

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